HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control Project in Burundi

Overall objective:

HIV/AIDS fight in several provinces in Burundi.

Specific objective:

Pilot project – the National AIDS-Ministry implements in a selected province an effective and efficient multisectoral district approach to the fight against HIV/AIDS (skilled staff in the direction committee of the AIDS ministry and in the decentralised structures of the districts of the selected province; appropriate administrative structure at AIDS-ministry level, HIV/AIDS baseline study, behaviour sample of the targeted population, positive behaviour change in the targeted population: men (armed forces), traditional birth attendants and girls and men).


Technical assistance to the Ministry in charge of HIV/AIDS in the following fields: peer education in schools and youth clubs, theatres and dance projects, staff education, TOT within the armed forces, anti retroviral therapy for PLWHA, included baseline behavioural study among adults and specific risk populations.

Main activities: VCT promotion, assurance of an efficient STI treatment, HIV/AIDS IEC and BCC – peer education campaigns, social marketing of condoms, capacity building of partner organisations at all levels, counselling in measures and strategies against discrimination and stigmatisation, HIV/AIDS care and treatment, introduction of antiretroviral therapy for people living with HIV/AIDS, quality management in the treatment of opportunistic diseases, introduction of HIV/AIDS measures in other sectors like education and agriculture, support to the implementation of sentinel surveillance, introduction of a programme for the prevention of mother-to-child HIV transmission.

  • Project organisation and management;
  • Management of an emergency stock of ARV drug and laboratory consumables;
  • Technical backstopping of the project team as well as the technical units in the national AIDS ministry;
  • Planning and implementation of all relevant activities according to the project concept;
  • Regular reporting and information management;
  • Maintenance and administration of a project office in Bujumbura.