Health in Africa Initiative Market Studies – Health Market Survey Democratic Republic of Congo


The objective of the consultancy is to explore the private health sector in the Democratic Republic of Congo to gain a better understanding of the market, its size, coverage, structure, opportunities and limitations and derive conclusions on innovative financial mechanisms and advisory services supporting the growth of health related business in DRC. The ultimate aim of the study is the provision of comprehensive information enabling the HiAI to design a programme of access to finance with FIs and advisory services that meets the growth aspirations/needs of PHIs.


For this purpose the study is expected to:

  • Determine the contribution of the private sector to national health care delivery in terms of inpatient/out-patient numbers, pharmaceutical and medical supplies, etc.;
  • Determine the range of financing needs of private health institutions (PHI);
  • Establish a list of Financing Institutions interested in financing the private health sector;
  • Identifying the type of debt facilities required (by FIs) from Developing Finance Institutions (DFIs) in order to lend medium to long term; and
  • Assess the PHIs advisory service needs with regards to expanding health care services.

Methodologically the study is based on four pillars. The first is a review and analysis of policy and legal documents, national data and statistics; the second is a survey based on questionnaires; the third is the application of qualitative methods such as observation, individual interviews, especially key informant interviews, focus group discussions and workshop analysis; the fourth is the presentation of results and recommendations at a debriefing workshop with the participation of the main stakeholders from provincial and central levels.

Technical assistance:

  • Provision of consultants;
  • Part of consulting team;
  • Implementation of study:
  • Review and analysis,
  • Survey based on questionnaires,
  • Qualitative methods,
  • Workshop.