Formulation of a draft Approach Paper for Joint Evaluation of the Health Sector Programme in Tanzania


To assist the Evaluation Department in drafting the Approach Paper for the Joint Evaluation of the Health Sector Programme in Tanzania.


According to Danida’s Evaluation Programme for 2004-05, the health sector programme in Tanzania absorbed almost one quarter of total Danish support to Tanzania. As Danida cooperated closely with the other donors in the health sector, the evaluation was organised as a joint evaluation with the other donors. External consultancy assistance was required to support the Evaluation Department during the formulation phase of the ToR.

  • Project evaluation;
  • Technical assistance and advisory services
  • Development assistance;
  • Review of relevant programme reports, and other available documents;
  • Participating in meetings with the Danish Embassy, other local donor representatives, Ministry of Health staff and other relevant Tanzanian authorities;
  • Discussions and field visits;
  • Contribution to the preparation and finalization of the Approach Paper.