Final report SWAp/Monitoring and evaluation


  • Compilation of the final report for the GTZ-financed programme „Health sector reform in Francophone Africa”;
  • Evaluation of the Sector-wide Approach (SWAp): impact and efficiency
  • Monitoring and evaluation of Health SWAp Tanzania


The GTZ-financed measure „Health sector reform in Francophone Africa“ was implemented to evaluate the hitherto experiences in Anglophone African countries and to utilize them for Francophone countries. Since BMZ was interested in a cooperation in Program Based Approaches (PBA) inclusive participation in joint financing and the potential of increasing use of PBAs for third-party business in fund management, the hitherto experiences of the GTZ in Program Based Approaches (PBAs) were evaluated and conclusions were drawn for the further commitment.

  • Technical assistance and advisory services;
  • Health services planning and organisation;
  • Project evaluation and review technique;
  • Budget and public investment management;
  • Technical writing.