Field studies: Management capacities of health services in Guinea-Conakry

General objective:

Evaluation of management capacities of district health directorates (DRS=regional directorate of health, DPS= departmental directorate of health; CS=Health centres) in order to improve healthcare, effectiveness and efficiency of the Guinean health system

Specific objectives:

- Evaluation of planning, implementation and evaluation capacities of the health personal in the DRS, DPA and CS

- Evaluation of support capacities of the health personal to the structures belonging to their own legal framework

- Evaluation of coordination and control capacities of the DRS, DPS and CS

Tasks of the consultants:

  • Data collection;
  • Problem identification and analysis related to planning, implementation, evaluation, coordination, control and technical support to the DRS (Regional Directorate of Health), DPS (Departmental Directorate of Health) and CS (health centres);
  • Description of hierarchical and working relationships within teams (health personal);
  • Identification of problems related to skills, resources and legal framework, with regard to the concerned management capacities;
  • Identification of negative factors of MoH and other ministries in their command of the different functions and responsibilities;
  • Data analysis and research report;
  • Development of recommendations and strategies, in collaboration with health officers, for strengthening the management capacities of district health directorates.
  • Implementation of the studies
  • Field mission
  • Backstopping
  • Report