Feasibility study: Development of a computerised Management Information System for HIV/AIDS Interventions for the CNLS (Comité Nationale de Lutte contre le SIDA) Guinea


Assessment of the feasibility of a national HIV/AIDS information system for monitoring of all HIV/AIDS related activities in the country (“SIDAPES”- Planning, Evaluation and Surveillance of AIDS Interventions).

  • To identify the relevant AIDS interventions in Guinea,
  • To analyse the different tools for information processing already in existence in the field,
  • To propose an information system architecture and adequate hard-and software tools,
  • To identify qualified staff,
  • To define a realistic framework for a mid-term project of two to three years to develop and set up the needed information system.


The CNLS is a governmental organization in Guinea responsible for the inter-sectoral coordination of the multiple interventions of 23 governmental actors in the ministries, private initiatives and international partners who are actively combating the spread of the HIV virus. Among other tasks, the CNLS co-ordinates and follows up the annual action plans of the actors to avoid duplicated efforts and to identify untargeted needs. Specifically, the need for a computer-based tool was expressed, which allows the integration and analysis of all the action plans as well as their follow-up data and the generation of the resulting process indicators.

Based on the results of a planning workshop for the co-ordination of national activities in the fight against AIDS in Conakry, Guinea, the Guinean National AIDS Intervention Committee (CNLS) in collaboration with the GTZ health program in Guinea contracted Health Focus GmbH for technical assistance in the planning process.

  • Technical assistance;
  • Conduction of a feasibility study;
  • Assessment mission;
  • Interviews with selected governmental, non-governmental and international actors;
  • Close collaboration with CNLS, workshops, report.