External technical audit of PNMLS’s (National Multisectoral Programme against HIV&AIDS) activities for the years 2008, 2009 et 2010

The objective of the audit is to provide the Government of the DR Congo and IDA with the essential elements of appreciation enabling them to form an opinion about the overall programmatic, financial and organizational performance of the PNMLS. This diagnosis will permit the PNMLS and the IDA to identify precisely the progress in managing these operations at central, provincial and community levels in the areas of procurement, physical achievements and provision of services, as well as the results gained, especially in terms of quality and economy of the project implementation.

Implementation of an audit by surveying an adequate sample of accomplishments on national coordination level (PNMLS) and of accomplishments on sectorial/ministerial level, provincial and community coordination, subprojects and micro projects financed under this project. Parameters for the sample are: operational distribution by amount, geographic location, level (central, provincial and community) and type of realisation for the considered period. The sampling fraction is to be justified and specified in the audit report.

Fields of intervention:
• Organisation and operation;
• Process planning;
• Procurement and award of contracts;
• Contract management;
• Monitoring and evaluation
• Quality of conception and achievements.

  • Provision of consultants;

  • Elaboration of data collection tools:

- Criteria selection for operations and processes to review;

- Criteria to deploy for analysing contractual documents;

- Interview guidelines according to the type of organisation concerned;

- Development, pre-test and finalization of data collection tools (e.g. questionnaire for the field visits).

  • Implementation of audit:

- Data collection in the field;

- Supervision of data collection

- Activity coordination during the audit;

- Verification in the field.

- Data processing and analysis

  • Reports (including observations and recommendations);

Dissemination of results through workshops with the PNMLS.