Evaluation of the State-Church-Cooperation on Social Services in Tanzania (“model coopera-tion”)


Evaluation of the State-church-Cooperation on Social Services in Tanzania (“model cooperation”)

  • Assess the concept, structure and mechanisms of collaboration of the model cooperation vis-à-vis changing contexts in Tanzania and in Germany
  • Explore the horizon for an improved linking-up and cooperation at the local and district level to achieve greater sense of ownership and back-up for core activities
  • Explore the horizon for an improved linking-up and cooperation at international level to achieve grater impact of advocacy and lobbying activities in Tanzania and Germany
  • Assess achievements in selected aspects of CSSC core tasks
  • Assess structural and procedural opportunities to influence and participate in the formulation and implementation of sector policies initiated by the GoT and the extent to which CSSC and the churches could make use of them
  • Assess the coordination tools and instruments chosen in terms of appropriateness, effectiveness and sustainability


The Stakeholders Consultations in Moshi I in 1991 were the beginning of a partnership between the Tanzanian Churches, the Tanzanian Government, the German Churches and the German Government to improve the deteriorating social services in Tanzania in a joint effort. Based on the work of the task force that was formed jointly by state and church leaders from Tanzania and Germany, CSSC (Christian Social Services Commission) was created as an instrument that would function as an umbrella body of Tanzanian Churches (TEC-Tanzania Episcopal Conference and CCT-Christian Council of Tanzania) and would facilitate the implementation of the Joint Programme in health and education. An evaluation mission was carried out to serve - to all stakeholders - as a tool ‘to assess the potential of the cooperation and to help developing it in full’.

  • Development of methodology including:

- Assessment of available documentation;

- Individual interviews;

- Focus group discussions;

- SWOT analysis;

  • Field mission;
  • Workshop preparation and presentation;
  • Final report.