Evaluation of the EU financed Public Health Sector Support Programme (PHSSP) in South Africa


The Mid-term Review (MTR) covered the implementation period of the PHSSP in terms of:

  • Impact;
  • Coherence;
  • Connectedness;
  • Coordination;
  • Relevance/Appropriateness;
  • Effectiveness;
  • Efficiency;
  • Coverage;
  • Partnership.


The Public Health Sector Support Programme began in 2000 and covers four key areas of health service management and intervention. In the area of HIV and AIDS, the programme operates with a synergy between both public sector development and delivery and interventions provided by six civil society actors (NGOs).

The Review provided an analysis of the achievements and constraints of the Programme and specific recommendations for possible mid-course corrections. The MTR specifically evaluated progress towards qualitative milestones and impact of the programme on the background of the agreed indicators. The main principle of the consultant team was to ensure a participatory approach including all relevant key stakeholders at central and decentralized levels in the assessment and analysis of results. Furthermore, the team elaborated the work programme for the mission in collaboration with the programme management and the EU-Delegation.

  • Selection and backstopping of the evaluation team;
  • Coordination with Donor Agencies and implementing partner organisations;
  • Evaluation of the programme components according to pre-defined criteria;
  • Regular feedback to all relevant stakeholders;
  • Development of core recommendations and reporting;
  • Sector studies, policy studies, operational studies;
  • Technical assistance and advisory services.