Evaluation of the ESTHER initiative in Cambodia, Vietnam and Gabon

Overall Objective:

Overall objective of the ESTHER initiative is to strengthen the local capacities in the ESTHER cooperation countries in the field of HIV/AIDS and to promote the cooperation between the French hospital teams and those from the cooperation country through hospital partnerships. Within this context, the evaluation of the ESTHER Initiative aims at evaluating the partnership project between university hospitals/hospitals in the North and health institutions (e.g. civil society) and hospitals in developing countries in order to improve ARV treatment and care for people with HIV/AIDS.

Specific Objectives of the evaluation:

  1. to assess the ESTHER initiative through the observation and analysis of the cooperation process among partners (in France and in the cooperation country)
  2. to assess the evolution of the interaction and communication between the ESTHER Initiative and the health systems, in particular the analysis of the practices, the organisation of the health care and how ESTHER has contributed or not to their amelioration (with regard to the sites, which are supported by ESTHER and in comparison to the national level).
  3. to describe and analyse the national and international strategies in the field of HIV/AIDS and their repercussion the ESTHER initiative


Evaluation of all ESTHER activities and interactions with the national public health system. Focus on the relevance, coherence, efficacy, effectiveness and feasibility of the initiative. Health system assessment and analysis of ESTHER’s impact on health system development. Assessment of the national strategies in the fight against HIV/AIDS and the national and international reactions to the ESTHER initiative. ESTHER cooperation countries encompass Benin, Burkina Faso, Cambodia, Gabon, Mali, Morocco, Senegal and Vietnam.

  • Project management;
  • Selection and backstopping of the evaluation team;
  • Providing the Team Leader and an HIV/AIDS Evaluation Expert;
  • Planning, organisation and implementation of the missions in Cambodia, Vietnam and Gabon
  • Coordination with Donor Agency and different implementing partner institutions in France and in Cambodia, Vietnam and Gabon;
  • Evaluation of the programme components according to pre-defined criteria;
  • Regular feedback to all relevant stakeholders.
  • Reporting