Evaluation of Revolving Drug Funds under CSSC/KfW Phase II and preparatory training activities for CSSC/KfW Phase III – Joint Churches and Government Programme for Sustainable Development in Social Services


  • To evaluate the set-up of revolving drug funds (RDF) introduced in CSSC supported, church run hospitals during phase II in terms of managerial and organizational aspects;
  • To advise CSSC on the preparation for the introduction of further RDFs under phase III as to sensitisation, information handling, training and reinforced management techniques.


The Christian Social Service Commission (CSSC) accomplished phase II of the Joint Churches and Government Programme for Sustainable Development in Social Services. The overall goal of this programme consisting of health and education components was ‘improved health status and education standards in Tanzania’. Within the framework of one health component, CSSC gave assistance to 29 church hospitals and diocesan medical stores (DMS) in setting up revolving drug funds by defining managerial guidelines, staff training and providing start-up capital funds to the selected beneficiaries. For continuing the programme in a third phase, an evaluation of the phase II activities and training activities for phase III were proposed by the KfW Bank.

  • To evaluate RDF management tools;
  • To elaborate recommendations for improvements;
  • To propose mechanisms of sustainability after RDF hospitals/DMS receive no longer start-up capital from CSSC/KfW;
  • To elaborate and discuss proposals to integrate RDF audits in the overall audits of the health facilities in the future;
  • To evaluate established RDFs in selected church institutions;
  • To assess and discuss performance and reliability of the drug supply mechanism actually in place and to discuss possible alternatives;
  • Interviews with CSSC’s responsible persons and other project related institutions;
  • Visit of selected health institutions for evaluation purposes;
  • Study of documents and reports;
  • Final report.