Edition of Best Practices on Abidjan-Lagos Transport Corridor Project

Overall Objective:

The project was supported by the GTZ Backup Initiative with the overall objective to increase the access to STI/HIV/AIDS prevention services along the Abidjan-Lagos corridor, with an emphasis on neglected and vulnerable groups, particularly migrants and local populations living in border locations.

The programme has three components: (1) HIV/AIDS prevention services for target populations; (2) treatment and care for target persons living with HIV or AIDS; (3) Project coordination, capacity strengthening and policy development.

The mission's objective:

To identify best practices for each component and to document them according to international standards.


  • An edited compendium of best practices;
  • Elaboration of production and distribution plans;
  • Adoption of monitoring and evaluation mechanisms;

Partnership with other concerned institutions.

Assistance to the project team during the writing process of the proposal:

  • Provision of team leader;
  • Backstopping