Development of sustainable funding model(s) and mechanism(s) with respect to a comprehensive HIV/AIDS programme in the Higher Education sub-sector, South Africa


To enable the higher education sub-sector and the individual institutions to sustain a comprehensive HIV/AIDS programme through the development of appropriate funding model(s) and mechanism(s).


The Higher Education HIV/AIDS (HEAIDS) Programme, now in its second phase of development, was constituted under the bi-lateral partnership between the European Community and the government of South Africa. The aim of the programme is to reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS in the Higher Education sub-sector, to mitigate its impact through planning and capacity development and to manage the impact of the pandemic in a way that reflects the ethical, social, knowledge transmission and production responsibilities that are the mission of the Higher Education Institutions in society and South Africa.

Higher Education South Africa (HESA), the implementing agent for the second phase of the programme, contracted KwaZula-Natal University Health (Pty) Ltd. (KZNUH) and Health Focus to develop funding models and mechanisms which will support sustainable delivery of comprehensive HIV/AIDS Programmes benefiting staff and students at public higher education institutions.

  • Define the norms and standards for a comprehensive HIV/AIDS service package suitable for Higher Education Institutions (HEIs).
  • Determine financial resources required to deliver this comprehensive package.
  • Develop appropriate funding model(s) and mechanism(s) required to sustain a comprehensive HIV/AIDS programme at HEIs.
  • Achieve agreement regarding the models and mechanisms through extensive consultation at sub-sector and institutional level.
  • Facilitate 5 regional capacity building workshops.
  • Provision of expertise and support to KZNUH and the technical team in the project conduct;
  • Provision of a client interface with HESA, including but not limited to attending meetings, where possible with HESA, and attending to queries regarding the project and related matters by HESA;
  • Ensuring the overall quality of the project, and its deliverables;
  • Risk management of the project.