Development of German Technical and Financial Co-operation Strategy in the Health Sector


Assessment of the current co-operation and opportunities for future collaboration with other bilateral and multilateral development partners in Malawi

Development of a concept for future assistance of German Development Co-operation in the Health Sector focusing on Health Sector Reform and SWAp development and implementation.


  • Assessment of the existing Sector Policy Framework of the Government of Malawi and the envisaged Sector Policy within the "Poverty Reduction Strategy Policy" will be analysed with a focus on frame conditions in the sector aiming at an in-depth understanding of potentials and challenges with regards to financial, material and human resource requirements.
  • Review of the ongoing SWAp and PRSP process in the view of their general development as well as envisaged German support namely through TA (macro-economist) and financial support to Inception phase (short-term) and longer-term support.
  • Assessment of available resources and institutional capacity at the MoHP and the different levels of the health care system to implement national plans and organisa¬≠tional changes
  • Assessment of Malawi-German bilateral co-operation and analysis of its significance, impact and future potential.
  • Appraisal of components in the SWAp and PRSP process that are part of the SSP and conceptualise future German technical and human resource support to these components.
  • Appraisal of concepts of Zonal Offices as a strategy to decentralise and strengthen the imple¬≠mentation capacity of the MOHP in the framework of the SWAp.
  • Appraisal of the actual scope of on the job training in Malawi and needs in this context to address the human resource crisis in the Malawian Health Sector in the framework of the Focal Area Strategy (SSP).
  • Team Leader
  • Technical advise services to German Federal Ministry for Economic Co-operation and Development
  • Coordination with Donor Agencies and implementing partner organisations
  • Brief evaluation of the German development programmes in Malawi
  • Development of core recommendations for a German Sector Strategy and reporting