Compilation of Experiences gained in the four Pilot Districts in implementing the Joint Churches and Government Health Programme - District Component


  • To have a comprehensive description of all experiences gained in the joint operation of the Church and Government health services;
  • To analyze the gained experiences and identify lessons learned;
  • To determine the impact of the joint operations of the Church and Government health services on the districts, in particular as to preparing them to implement health sector reforms;
  • To identify and recommend experiences which can be useful for other districts.


The Joint Churches and Government Health Programme aimed at the facilitation of important elements of the health sector reform. The programme included a nationwide and a district focused component. The latter aimed at joint district health planning and management in four pilot districts. A detailed assessment of the achievements in these districts, especially in view of the jointness of the programme was recommended in latest programme review in order to systematically compile the lessons learned and experiences made.

The assessment aimed at a systematic examination of the experiences gained in the four districts during Phase I and II of the Joint Churches and Government Health Programme (1994-2000). It was envisaged to disseminate the results of the study to other districts in the country.

  • Comprehensive documentation of all experiences gained in each district during the two phases;
  • Assessment of the programme’s impact on District Health Management Teams’ capacities in terms of planning and management, monitoring and supervision;
  • Assessment of the collaboration (jointness) between Church and Government health service providers in terms of joint planning, training of health personnel, supervision of health facilities, review of programme implementation and sharing of resources;
  • Comparative study between pilot and other districts;
  • Interviews with responsible persons from all project related institutions and health workers;
  • Visit of selected health institutions for evaluation purposes;
  • Study of documents and reports;
  • Final report.