Assistance to partner countries in working with the Global Fund - Capacity building: Aguip-Plus


To provide an organisational concept for Aguip+ for their programme development and to establish objectives and activities.


AGUIP+ (Association Guinéenne de Personnes vivant avec le VIH) became an officially accredited organisation in July 2002. The purpose of the organisation is to improve social integration and care of persons living with HIV or AIDS. For this endeavour, AGUIP+ intended to improve the capacity of its members to counsel PLWHA, and to appeal for acceptance of affected people by the general population.

In December 2002, the president of AGUIP+ took part in a massive public awareness campaign by Guinea’s first lady, thereby raising the public profile of the organisation and giving a face to people affected by HIV. Consequently, there was urgent need for AGUIP+ to develop its organisational capacity.

  • Identification and analysis of the achievements and existing structure of Aguip+ through interviews and home visits;
  • To explore the new Aguip+ location site;
  • Evaluation of personnel capacity and proposal of plan for task delegation;
  • To define objectives, future activities and points of external collaboration between Aguip+ and other governmental and non-governmental organisations;
  • To summarise the concept and implementation steps in a project matrix (logical framework) and report on findings and recommendations.