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Domestication of harmonized policies and regional minimum standards for communicable diseases in the DRC

Countries of the SADC (Southern African Development Community) region are challenged by the adverse effects of communicable diseases, namely HIV and AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. The political leadership of SADC has demonstrated commitment to combating these challenges that have a negative effect on the countries’ social, political and economic development. Regional minimum standards, frameworks and guidelines for communicable diseases were elaborated and should be adapted, adopted and introduced by member states. Health Focus recently signed a contract with the SADC Secretariat to support the domestication of harmonized policies and regional minimum standards for the Democratic Republic of Congo.

A first mission of the team leader took place in the beginning of June in order to coordinate with the national expert team. It aimed at gathering and analyzing Congolese policy, information and training documents. The team will translate and adapt the regional minimum standards, guidelines and tools already in place. Those will be spread nationally through the training and awareness raising of Congolese senior officials, and the wide dissemination within the Congolese community of practice (training of trainers, training of practitioners).