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Meeting with members of the German Parliamentarian Committee on Economic Cooperation and Development


Health Focus and the Chief of Cabinet of the Guinean Ministry of Health, Dr. Mohammed Lamine Yansané, met members of the Committee on Economic Cooperation and Development of the German Parliament (Bundestag). Dr. Yansané presented the situation of Guinea/Conakry after the first democratic, peaceful and fair presidential elections held in November 2010. After more than 50 years of dictatorship and military rule the country faces enormous challenges to rebuild its infrastructure and provide basic social services to the impoverished population. Today 56% of Guineans live in extreme poverty. Maternal mortality is as high as 980/100 000. One out of six children dies before its fifth anniversary and less than 50 % of the population is alphabetised. Dr. Yansané pleaded for international support for the health and education sector. In the long run the country counts to invest own revenues from its vast mineral resources.