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About Health Focus

Founded in 2001, Health Focus GmbH is an independent consultancy providing advice and technical support for governments, bilateral and multilateral development agencies and also private and civil society organisations.


Health Focus’ mission is to contribute to the improvement of health systems and the health status of populations especially in low and middle income countries. We respond to existing challenges through the provision of advice and tailor-made programmes. This involves technical expertise and professional process facilitation. We assess country and sector specific environments, and moderate communication and exchange between key actors; we encourage the consideration of differing viewpoints and initiate the integration of diverse or conflicting interests. Transparency and open-mindedness are indispensable for this process.


The creation of healthy living environments is a key issue in global development policy and includes the availability of and access to adequate social, health and education systems.

Working areas include

  • Health system development
  • Global epidemics: HIV/AIDS, Malaria, TB
  • Disease prevention, health promotion, social marketing
  • Sexual and reproductive health
  • Provision of quality health care
  • Social insurance and protection
  • Occupational health and safety including PPEs
  • Education
  • Human rights.

Over the past decade, Health Focus has and managed complex development projects and studies in more than 30 countries in Europe, Africa, Asia and Central America.

A network of partner organisations allows rapid access to in-country resources and logistics.